Zen provides wireless communication solutions for data, voice and video communications. We serve enterprise customers in manufacturing, financial, hospitality, oil and gas, education and other industries. We also provide wireless backhaul solutions in both licensed and unlicensed frequencies to Telecom operators and Internet service providers.

Enterprise WLAN

Enterprises need Wi-Fi with better coverage, capacity and reliability which are affordable and easier to deploy and manage.

ZoneFlex from Ruckus Wireless is the WLAN system which fulfils all the needs of the enterprise as it is easy to install/configure and adjusts itself with the changing environment. The most important point is that all these functionalities are available with fewer APs that means at low cost.

No other WLAN combines smart meshing, dynamic user security and adaptive RF signal routing, 802.11n and centralized management – all these with simple-to-use platform.


Smart Hot Spots

Broadband users should deploy such equipments that cope up with the services, applications and devices that the users are using or are willing to use.

Users want to tap into multimedia services such as video on demand, streaming IP video, gaming and social networking. Ruckus wireless is the only Wi-Fi Company that has developed Wi-Fi solutions at lower cost and lesser deployment time while providing multimedia services.

Our hotspot products are ideal for multimedia application. It automatically prioritizes traffic and directs Wi-Fi signals over the best possible RF path.


Wireless Broadband Access

Despite of high demand for wireless broadband, the operators are not able to access that as it is very costly and complex.

Our Wi-Fi systems' reliable, long range indoor and outdoor access is affordable and in scalable fashion. With the help of our Wi-Fi systems, it is easy to connect buildings, apartments and the other areas where the fixed lines are not possible.


Wireless Backhauls

Our backhaul solutions are available for

  • Point to point or point to multipoint architecture
  • Both Licensed and Unlicensed frequencies
  • Speeds up to 700 MBPS and distances more up to 100 miles.

Our backhaul solutions are ideal for:

  • Enterprise connectivity
  • WISP/Wimax backhauls
  • Cellular backhauls